Best Firman Generators | In-Depth Reviews of Top 5 Models

Generators are the perfect method of running your RV power or to provide backup in case the electrics on the grid go down.

They are portable and can be used in most weathers. Users who live in an area that experiences a lot of hurricane weather find these generators invaluable in the running of their day-to-day lives.

Firman is a company that has started introducing their line of generators only recently, but have already made a great impact.

Since entering the North American market in 2015, they have manufactured and sold thousands of units, with an ever-growing demand for their products.

Best Firman Generators

Firman has a reputation for making its products both high in quality and low in price, not compromising on the high standards that its customers have come to expect.

They have analyzed the market to improve upon the features and capabilities of their competitors.

But where can you find these top-of-the-range Firman generators?

 What features and capabilities do a good quality Firman generator need to have? 

How much can you be expected to spend on a Firman generator in terms of price?

Well, you don’t need to worry any further because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best generators currently on the market, along with a buyer’s guide that will help you when you’re next shopping for a generator and a frequently asked questions section.


The first Firman generator is fuelled by gas, with a durable design that had proven to last for several months, even years, if the right care is given to it.

The cage frame of this generator is compact and constructed from a tubular roll that will not succumb to rust, which is ideal for people who want to use their generator repeatedly in storm weather - introducing Firman 1500/1200 Watt Portable Generator.

This generator comes with an impressive 80cc engine that features a patented Pheonix Fat Head-Block that prevents overheating even after many hours of use.

The engine running operation is also very efficient and conserves as much fuel as it can even when operating at high power levels.

The starting power is around 1500 watts, with a running wattage of around 1200 watts. This model of Firman generator will be more than capable of powering 2 rooms at a time.

It also comes with an automatic shut-off that will protect the engine further from both flooding and overheating.


  • This machine has lots of great built-in safety features such as an automatic killswitch that will activate when the engine starts getting too hot. It also has a voltage regulator that ensures the current will remain steady throughout.
  • This generator also has a noiseless function, making it the perfect unit to use in a residential area as a backup power supply if your house loses power from the grid.
  • The power on this machine is impressive, able to run at 1500 watts, it will supply a lot of the appliances in your house without trouble. You can also power 2 rooms at once.
  • This is one of the most reasonably priced generators on this list, making it ideal for a first-time buyer and anyone who is buying within a limited budget.


  • Some users have complained their units of this model have cut out within minutes of starting up.


Our next Firman generator is another one that is gas-powered, with wheels and a handle, making it probably one of the most portable units on this list.

It also supports electronic recoil and has a remote starting system that will allow you to get this engine fired up from the comfort of your own home - introducing Firman 3300/3000 Watt Portable Generator.

This unit is known for both its power and its portability, supporting an electric coil system that will give you a stable supply of electrical current for up to 10 hours of running time.

You can easily charge devices such as a mobile phone or a tablet without shorting them out.

The remote starting system is a great function for those who might have to operate in storm weather, as you won’t have to move from the comfort of your sofa to get it fired up.

It can work at a maximum distance of 168 feet and operates in an eco-friendly setting, which will ensure that you save fuel and allow your machine to run for longer.


  • This portable generator is another noiseless running unit, which will be a relief for those users who have neighbors nearby.
  • The usability of this generator is second-to-none, with a triple start option that will get your generator up and running quickly and efficiently. The fuel tank is 1.8 gallons, so you can be sure that this will maintain power for up to 10 hours.
  • This generator comes with 5 different styles of outlet, which means it is very versatile for a whole range of electrical systems or RV appliances.
  • This compact size of this unit as well as the wheels on the base will enable you to easily move your generator around, which will be invaluable to campers moving around a diverse terrain.


  • This generator might have trouble starting in colder temperatures.


Firman H08051 Generator

This next generator is ideal for those people who want something a little bit more than the traditional gas generator.

This unit has dual fuel capabilities and will run on both LPG and gasoline, meaning that when you are low on one you can quickly switch to the other.

This versatility makes it ideal for those who want that added flexibility, especially when out camping - introducing Firman 1000/8000 Watt Portable Generator.

This generator is particularly durable, with a roll frame body that can withstand extreme pressures from wind, rain and impacts on the ground.

This is a great unit to use in the wilderness where you can’t guarantee that the weather will be calm.

This generator will fire up quickly at just the touch of a button, with a startup wattage of 10,000 and a running wattage of 7,000.

This will more than be able to keep all the appliances in your house running, especially useful if you need certain things such as a cooker, a microwave and an electric shower to run during a storm.


  • The 439cc engine runs on low-oil and comes with an automatic shutdown that will prevent things from overheating. It also comes with a cooling system, which will also ensure smooth running throughout the day.
  • The engine runs on dual fuel, with the optimum choice being LPG, which makes it run at 10,000 watts, while the gasoline will allow it to function at 9,050 watts.
  • It has a generous tank capacity, being able to hold 8 gallons at a time, fuelling the generator for an impressive 12 hours.
  • It is also very safe for children, coming with a twist-lock that prevents any small hands from activating the generator.


  • This generator is one of the heavier options, which might not appeal to anyone who plans on using it in their RV or camping scenario.


Firman P08003 Portable Generator, 7125/10000-Watt,...

Our next generator is not only that it comes with a longer lifespan, but it also offers a hefty power supply, producing a maximum power of 10,000 watts and an average running wattage of 8,000 watts.

It has a triple starting option and can run for up to 12 hours on medium settings - introducing Firman 10000/8000 Watt portable Generator.

This generator is an extremely safe unit, coming with numerous GFCI-protected outlets that will reduce the risk of accidents. This is ideal if you expect to be running your portable generator within reach of children.

The rubber handle and lightweight construction make this a great portable generator that you can take camping with you.

It has very resilient rubber tires and a cast-iron sleeve over the engine, so you can be sure that it will be able to hold up even in gale-force winds.


  • With a powerful 10,000 maximum running power, you can be sure that it will power most of the appliances in your home - whether that might be a cooker, refrigerator or a power shower.
  • The generator is fully kitted out to be used with household appliances, with a set of outlets that are perfectly adapted to accommodate different plug sockets.
  • This also comes with a voltage regulator that will guarantee a strong and steady current to your appliances throughout use. This will avoid certain electrical surges that can damage your devices.
  • The materials used in the construction of this generator are the best, the cast iron and aluminum composition are anti-corrosive, making it an ideal unit if you’re planning for using in moist, humid conditions.


  • Some users have reported that this generator is very noisy, so you might want to invest in an additional muffler, although this will add to your overall price tag.


Our final generator is probably the easiest to move around, with a lightweight design and easy-to-hold rubber handles, it’s perfect for mobile power.

And although it might not have as much wattage as some of the other units, it has the longevity, enabling you to power it for up to 14 hours on a single charge - introducing Firman 4550/3650 Watt Portable Generator.

This unit is extremely versatile, coming with a remote start-up system, which can be operated at a distance of up to 168 feet.

If your power has tripped and you need that power back sharpish, simply grab your remote and have everything back on again at the touch of a button.

The fuel capacity of this generator is 5 gallons, which means it will operate at around 75% capacity for 8 hours.

You can calibrate the power settings to get your desired longevity. Or you can crank it up to full power (although don’t expect it to last long)!


  • Usually, with great power comes a great amount of noise, but not with this generator. It runs at a very effective Whisper Series model that keeps the decibel level below a certain frequency.
  • If you’re looking for longevity over power outage, then you can be sure that this is the model for you. You can operate it at about 14 hours, although you might have to sacrifice some of your more necessary appointments.
  • The built-in system will stop overheating and regulate the overall temperature of the generator.
  • The fuel capacity is a lot less, but you can operate this for eco-friendly mode, which will mean that a lot less fuel is expended overall.


  • This does not include an additional hosepipe, so it might be a lot trickier to refuel.

Best Firman Generators Buying Guide

But what brings customers back to the Firman brand of generator again and again?

With their gradually thriving market, Firman certainly has impressed themselves on the generator-buying public.

With their superior build quality, the affordability and the sheer range of features between each generator, we can see why.

Firman Are More Affordable

When you buy a Firman generator, you can expect to spend a little less than you would on your average generator.

This is one of the keys to Firman’s success - they know that not everyone has a large budget to accommodate a portable generator for their RV or as a backup power supply.

Firman Generators Are Built To Last

Trusting a company that is fresh on the market is always going to excite the suspicions. If they don’t have a reputation, how can you expect to believe their sales pitch?

However, as you can see from a lot of these Amazon products, the reviews are glowing… and growing! Each generator is built from sturdy materials and comes with a range of technological features that help with powering on, temperature control, remote turn on and fuel efficiency.

They also have 90 quality control licenses on their products, proving that those who know in the industry have rated this product very highly.

Firman Offer A Range Of Generators

You can pick up a single or dual fuel generator, with a whole range of state-of-the-art features on each. You can monitor the temperature from your phone or turn on your generator without having to leave the house.

If you are an outdoorsy person who needs a generator for powering their RV or whether you suffer from storms and power outages, you can pick a generator that suits your specific needs.

Firman Provides Excellent Warranties

This is a company that has the utmost belief in its products, so that means that all the generators you buy come with a 3-year warranty - now that surely is faith in what you have to sell!

The customer support they offer is also excellent, you can get your generator into one of their repair shops to be fixed within hours of malfunction or failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Level Of Power Do You Need For Your Generator?

It is important to know what you’ll be powering before you purchase your portable generator. It will be worth making a note of the wattage of all the appliances that you’ll want your generator to power and then compare it with the running wattage of each model.

For example, a light bulb requires 8 watts of power, whereas your built-in AC will probably require somewhere in the region of 3,000 watts.

Some appliances will need that extra boost when it comes to starting them up, so make sure you check the starting and running watts of your generator.

Which Type Of Fuel Do You Want To Use In Your Generator?

Most of the Firman options come with dual fuel supplies, either gas or propane. The fuel you choose will depend on how much you want to spend as well as how efficient you want your generator to run.

We would recommend that you choose a unit that offers you both fuel options, as you will be able to maximize your choice, which will help if you only have one fuel source available.

How Safe Should Your Firman Generator Be?

Usually, the best generators will be able to show you on a digital display exactly how much fuel you have left as well as what temperature your machine is running at.

Ideally, you’ll also want a fuel generator that has an auto-shutdown feature for when your generator starts to overheat. This will be incredibly important for how well your generator will be able to sustain itself with you being there to maintain it.

The sockets should also be protected to ensure against power surges that will damage whatever devices are hooked up to your generator. You don’t want your mobile phone shorting out on you during a torrential thunderstorm.