Best RV Generators – 5 Complete Reviews & Things To Consider

Hitting the road in the comfort of your RV is a great feeling, isn’t it?

The open road with all its possibilities is yours for the taking, and the freedom of that is truly a wonderful thing. 

Running out of power on the road, though, is never good and where your generator will come in to save the day. 

Best RV Generators

However, finding the best RV generators can be a difficult task. Providing the necessary power for your RV and devices while you are on the road, generators are quickly becoming a necessity to our RV lives.

There are so many on the market now it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. 

Thankfully we have done the hunting for you! Keep reading for our best RV generators, a buyer’s guide to help know what to look for, and an FAQ section to answer all your queries! 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your generator and go!


Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable...

An affordable option and great for those after a powerful RV generator, the Champion 3400W is the one for you! 

The generator has 3400W of running power and operates on dual-fuel. Champion’s generator can use either propane or gasoline and hold 0.6 quarts of oil.

The generator also comes with a low oil shut-off sensor for added safety. 

Champion offers 7.5 hours of run time when using gasoline, depending on the generator’s capacity. 

You get clean power for sensitive electronics with this generator providing you with peace of mind when you plug this beauty in.

The generator offers a range of outlets, including an RV ready 120V, 30A RV, two 120V household outlets, a 12V DC outlet, and a dual USB adapter. 

Weighing in at 95.7lbs and measuring at 25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches, the generator is an excellent option for those after portability. 

You get a three power ignition switch, electric start, and a battery included for all your generating needs. The generator has an easy to use quick touch panel, placing all of your controls in one space.

The generator offers an ultra-low noise level of 59 dBA, making it an excellent option for your RV.

Some customers found it to be noisier than its competing Honda generator, but at a fraction of the cost, those on a budget should still be impressed by its quietness. 

Champion offers a 3-year warranty with this generator and free lifetime technical support to ensure that your generator stands the test of time. 

Those after an affordable generator that’s quiet, great for RV use, and easy to use should look no further than this robust offering from Champion! 


  • Affordable 
  • Parallel ready
  • Dual fuel - runs on propane or gasoline
  • 3,100W running 
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not as quiet as other brands 


An expensive option, but great for those with a bigger budget, is the Honda EU3000iS generator. 

This generator offers a lot of power in a sleek red design. You get 3,000W of starting power and 2,800W of running power, great for all your needs! 

Running on 120V, this gas engine can run most 13,500 BTU RV AC units, so you should find this one more than suitable for your needs! 

The generator is super quiet, operating at 49-58 dB(A), meaning the generator is omitting less noise than a  normal conversation.

Honda’s generator is a great option to take camping as it won’t wake you or your neighbors up!

Thanks to its exclusive eco-throttle, Honda’s generator has a run time of 20 hours on just 3.4 gallons of fuel!

It has incredible fuel efficiency, offering 7.2 to 20 hours of run time on a single tank, depending on the load. 

You also get a handy oil alert that shuts the engine off when a low oil level is detected. This should help to avoid any nasty surprises when you are using the generator! 

Honda uses advanced inverter technology in this generator to offer reliable power for computers and other sensitive equipment without damaging its interior components.

With this generator, you get stable, clean power in a smaller and lighter package. What more could you want from your generator?

Weighing in at 131lbs, some customers did find it a little heavy to use, so be mindful of that if you are working with any weight capacities. 

Customers were impressed with the amount of power they were getting, more than enough for their and your RV needs!

With a brand as trusted as Honda in the generator world, you are in safe hands here if you have the budget for this generator. 


  • 2,800W running/3,000W starting 
  • 120V 
  • Can run most 13,500 BTU RV AC units 
  • super quiet 
  • Oil alert shuts down the engine when oil levels are low


  • Expensive 


Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running...

Decently priced, Generac’s generator is great for those looking for a lightweight option for their RVs. 

Weighing 46.2lbs and measuring at 20 x 12.6 x 16.9 inches, this generator is great for those after a portable, easy to use RV generator.

Offering 1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts, this generator can power a range of devices, including your RV!

Some customers did find that it was not strong enough to power their RVs AC, so be sure to check the power and voltage before you make your purchase! 

The four-stroke engine comes with an easy to use power dial. The one easy to use dial allows you to start, run, and stop the engine with this one dial. How easy will that be to use when you are on the road?

Generac’s generator also features a handy power bar, which shows you in real-time the wattage used so you can keep track easily. 

It also features an electronic fuel gauge that displays your remaining fuel and how much run time is available before you run out. You will never be caught by surprise now! 

The tank has a 1.06-gallon capacity. It boasts 5.7 to 7.7 hours of run time, depending on how much capacity the generator is running on. 

The generator has an economy, standard, and turbo mode of operation, which allows you to save fuel and reduce noise. Great for those wanting to save money on fuel and get their all-important beauty sleep! 

Generac’s generator can also be made parallel by purchasing the parallel cord separately; you can hook up two generators to double your power! 

Customers were particularly impressed with how easy this generator was to travel with and how well the fuel lasted when powering multiple appliances! 

An excellent option for those after a lightweight, portable generator for their RV!


  • 1,600W
  • Lightweight, 46.2lbs 
  • 120V 
  • Power bar displays usage
  • Different modes to help save fuel and noise 


Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel...

Pulsar’s generator provides you with the option of dual fuel. You can use either gasoline or LPG to power your generator.

With LPG often being more readily available and easier to store, it’s a great option to have! 

Decently priced, the generator offers an impressive amount of power! Running on gasoline, you will get 12000W starting power and 95000W running power. 

When using LPG fuel sources, you will get 10800W starting power and 8550W running time. That is some serious power! 

The generator uses a 457cc single-cylinder engine and comes with an electric push start making it super easy to use! 

Customers did note that compared to other generators, they did not find it very quiet. Not all customers found this, but it is worth considering if you will be sleeping with the generator on. 

The durable generator is set in a powder-coated frame to provide long-lasting security for you.

The 10-inch never-flat wheels and drop-down handles make the generator easy to move around. Exactly what you want from a portable generator! 

With Pulsar, you get excellent customer service, which customers have loved and found helpful for their queries. 


  • Decently priced 
  • 12,000W 
  • Dual-fuel allows you to use either gasoline or LPG
  • Never flat wheels for portability 
  • Durable construction


  • Some customers found it louder than other brands. 


Westinghouse 6600 Peak Watt Home Backup Portable...

Decently priced, Westinghouse’s generator offers an impressive 6600 peak watts, with 5300 running watts. 

Weighing in at 107lbs and measuring 26.9 x 21.65 x 19.69 inches, the generator is a decent size and weight for traveling with. It’s also fitted with never-flat wheels, which makes it easier to travel with. 

The generator is fitted with a four-stroke engine and has a 4.7-gallon fuel tank. The tank comes with a handy fuel gauge so you can see how much you have used. 

You should get 13.5 hours of runtime per tank, depending on how much capacity you are running the generator. 

The generator comes with an automatic low oil shut down to avoid any nasty surprises or damage to your generator! 

What’s great about this generator is its 120/240V selector switch allowing you to choose the voltage that will best suit your needs! 

You get plenty of power outlet options with this generator, all of which have rubber covers over them, providing you with that added level of safety. 

Westinghouse’s generator offers one 5-20R 120V household duplex receptacle, 1 RV ready TT-30R 30 amp, and one transfer ready switch L14-30R amp.

What’s great about this generator is that RV ready option; you are set to go with one plug-in! 

The generator also comes with a minimal assembly; you can pretty much use it straight out of the box.

Westinghouse even provides you with an easy to follow guide and user manual to make the start-up process that much smoother! 

You also get three years of service with this generator and excellent customer service to assist you with any queries you may have! 

Some customers did find that their generators arrived slightly damaged in transit, so be sure to have the customer service email handy to get this rectified should this happen to you! 

Those after an easy to use, RV ready generator that will allow them to switch voltages should look no further than Westinghouse’s offering! 


  • 5300 running watts 
  • 13.5 hours of run time on a single tank 
  • Outlets have rubber covers for safety 
  • Minimal assembly required 
  • 120/240V


  • Some customers found their generators arrived slightly damaged in transit.

Best RV Generators Buying Guide

Not quite sure what you need?

Read our buyer’s guide to know what to look out for on your quest for the best RV generators! 

How big?

When selecting your generator, it’s worth considering its size. Especially as it’s for your RV, this generator will probably be on the move a great deal. You can get some tremendous portable generators that would provide power for your RV’s. 

Most generators measurements are given in inches so be sure to get the measuring tape out and size up your space. It’s worth considering where you will store the generator when it is not in use as well. 

If you are only going to use it for your RV, then providing it is stored securely to avoid any break-ins, you could keep it in the RV. Secure garages or in the home is also a good option for those with space. 

Most portable generators are decently sized, with some coming with wheels and handles to make transportation even easier! Be sure to check our recommendations to find a portable generator that will be great for your RV! 

How heavy?

When considering the size of your generator, it is also worth considering the weight of the generator. The heavier the generator is, the harder it is going to be to travel with it. 

Lightweight generators are generally generators that weigh around the 50lb mark. This is not to say that if a generator is 51lbs, it’s suddenly an obese generator! They won’t be that much heavier, but it’s worth checking you can transport the generator’s extra weight either in your car or RV. 

It’s worth looking for generators that also come with handy carry handles or wheels to make transportation even easier for you! 


Be sure to check how much power you will need before purchasing your RV generator. The power will be given for the generator in watts, often with two listings: starting watts and running watts. 

Starting watts are the extra watts needed at the start to get motor-driven products up and running, such as a fridge, for example. It is the maximum wattage your generator can produce. 

To avoid disappointment, you should not use your generator for something that requires more watts than the generators starting watts. 

Running watts are the watts needed to keep the items running. The generator will need to be able to maintain these running watts with ease. Be sure to select a generator that can cope with both the running and starting watts. 

It’s worth thinking about how many things you want your generator to run and their wattage to make sure the generator can cope with it all. For example, if you want a 2200W generator to run a 2000W AC, you will only have 200W left for any other appliances you may want to power. 

Be sure you will have enough for multiple appliances! 


When purchasing a generator for your RV checking, what outputs are available is an important consideration. Generally, generators will have these listed in their product descriptions to make it easy for you to find this information. 

Some will come with RV ready outputs, which means you can just plug in your RV to go! Those looking to use the RV generator for other devices should look for generators that offer multiple outputs to allow for simultaneous power. 

Some generators also come with built-in USB ports allowing you to charge your devices easily! Be sure to check that the generator produces clean energy that will not damage the newer devices’ sensitive internal components. 


Generators don’t have to be those bulky, noisy machines from the past. You can now get super quiet generators. 

Noise for generators is measured in decibel levels ranging on a scale from 0-130. The lower the number, the lower the noise being omitted. Generators described as quiet will usually have a decibel level of around 50, equivalent to a normal conversation. 

This is considered quiet enough while you are camping or sleeping, making it ideal for an RV. When looking at your generator, be sure to check the noise level, usually displayed as 50 dBA, for example. 

How much?

Generators can be pricey; you don’t need us to tell you that. The cost can range quite dramatically, making it hard to know exactly how much you should be spending. 

Be sure to set yourself a clear budget, and when doing so, consider what is important to you? Is power more crucial than its size? How many volts do you need? Considering what is important to you will help you decide how much you should spend. 

It’s worth remembering that you don’t need to spend a lot to get an excellent generator for your RV, so you don’t need to go over your budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any burning last-minute questions?

Let’s answer those here! 

What is an RV generator?

An RV generator is a generator designed to provide power to your RV without connecting to onsite power, which is not often freely available at campsites. Indeed, it does not exist off the beaten track! 

You can opt for a built-in generator or a portable generator. As you will have probably noticed, the generators in this article are portable. These are generally easier to maintain and are very accessible. 

They have their own fuel tank and have a lower risk of exhaust leaks. They are usually cheaper, and we think a safer alternative. A portable RV generator also provides you with the flexibility to use it elsewhere should you need to!