Best Solar Mason Jar Lights for Magical Outdoor Ambiance

Warm white lights in a mason jar against dark background.

While many solar mason jar light sets do include jars for a complete, ready-to-go set, most require you to source your own mason jars. 

No worries though; finding mason jars is easy, and they aren’t expensive at all.

Most grocery stores carry them, especially in the spring and summer, and they can often be found at big-box stores and hardware stores too. 

Purchasing online is always an option, but to buy some dirt cheap, you want to hit a couple of yard sales or flea markets. 

Both of these are goldmines for old mason jars; just give them a good scrubbing, and you’re ready to go. 

Now that you know not to shy away from a mason jar light kit just because it doesn’t include jars, let’s have a look at the highest quality options. 

Best Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Best Overall: Yitee Solar Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Hanging Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights,8 Pack 30...
  • 【Newfangled All In One Design】Yitee 8 Pack Hanging Glass Mason Jar Solar Fairy Lights Included:8...
  • 【Popular & Easy Operate】Standard regular mouth mason jar with solar powered light...

With just 6 to 8 hours charging time, you can enjoy bright, enchanting lights all night long, up to 12 hours. 

A few of the best features of this LED fairy light set are the O-shaped sealing rings to block moisture, sturdy stainless steel handles, and large solar panels. 

Of course, the automatic on/off function and the fact that each lid features 30 LED lights are great too. 

Unlike similar products, this pack includes the jars and everything else needed to create eight whimsical jar lights to enhance your outdoor setting. 

If the weather isn’t cooperating, you could easily switch out the rechargeable battery with a standard AAA and still enjoy the lights at night. 

The auto on/off feature will continue to work regardless of which battery you use.


  • Jars and hangers are included.
  • Can be used indoors if placed near a sunny window during the day.
  • Light sensors for automatic on/off.
  • Rust-resistant lids and handles.
  • Authentic Ball mason jars.
  • Hassle-free 12-month warranty.


  • May not be 100% moisture proof (they’ll still work even if damp).
  • Battery connection may become slightly loose over time and need adjusting.

Best Value: ANGMLN Solar Mason Jar Fairy Lights

ANGMLN Solar Mason Jar Lights Lids, 10 Pack 30 LED...
  • 🌟[GREAT FOR DIY MASON JARS] Fit for regular mouth mason jars, Lid Diameter Size: 2.76...
  • 🌟[ENERGY SAVING] Equipped with an upgraded monocrystalline silicon solar panel, our mason jar...

For quality construction and longevity, this set is hard to beat. While many mason jar lights only have 20 lights per strand, these fairy lights feature 30 LED lights on each strand. 

This set includes everything needed (except the jars) to make 10 beautiful, enchanting lights to hang from trees, decorate a fence, or string across your porch. 

Three frosted, fairy-themed inserts are also included to enhance the magical ambiance. 

Another nice feature is the extra-large solar panel on each lid. This allows for more charging power, which equates to longer light brightness. 

Many users report that these lights glow brightly all through the night without dimming until they automatically turn off at sunrise.


  • Lights burn brightly for 8 to 12 hours.
  • Can run on AA batteries if you prefer.
  • Fit all sizes of regular-mouth jars.
  • Cute fairy-themed inserts and hangers included.
  • Lids are rain and rust resistant and form a tight seal to block moisture.


  • Jars are not included.
  • Batteries may need replacing every six months or so.
  • Some people find that the lights are closer to a cold white than the advertised warm white.

Best Mason Jar Colored Lights

Best Single-Color Strands: Yiting Fairy Star Lights

ANGMLN Mason Jar Solar Lights 10 Pack 30 LED...
  • ★Upgraded Solar Panel & Lids light string: Improved solar charging panel with wider grid, more...
  • ★ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIO AND ENERGY SAVING:100% Solar Powered Solar Panel,Slide the switch to the...

Creating a mystical, fun atmosphere after dark is easy with this mason jar colored-light kit. 

This pack includes 10 solar panel lids with rechargeable batteries, 10 stainless steel hangers, and 10 LED light strings. All you need to provide is the mason jars. 

You’ll receive two light strands in each of the following colors: red, warm white, purple, blue, and green. 

One outstanding feature is the brightness of the LEDs. Many colored-light sets are rather dim and the colors don’t stand out well at all. 

That’s not the case here. Each color is bright and highly visible, lending a festive atmosphere to wherever you place them.


  • Light strings burn bright and true to color.
  • Great price for 10 sets.
  • 30 lights per strand.
  • Rust-resistant aluminum lid.
  • Lights 8 -12 hours when fully charged.


  • Mason jars must be sourced elsewhere.
  • Some users found that several light strings stopped working after a few months.
  • Solar panel is slightly smaller than other options.

Best Multicolor Strands: Vinkki 8-Pack Colored Fairy Lights

Alitamei Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights 8 Pack 30 Led...
  • 【30 Led Solar Powered Colorful Mason Jar Lid Lights】 Made of high quality wire and super bright...
  • 【Upgraded Solar Panel & Lids】 Improved solar charging panel. The advanced lids are rain and rust...

This multicolored solar light kit for mason jar lighting features five different colors on each strand of 30 LED lights. 

The light strands arrive tightly coiled but can be stretched to nicely fill even large jars. 

The red, blue, green, white, and yellow lights burn brightly for 8 to 12 hours when fully charged, and each color stands out boldly, unlike similar kits. 

The automatic on/off feature means that all you need to do is to place them in a location that provides 6 – 8 hours of direct sunlight daily and enjoy the calming beauty each night.   


  • Handles for hanging are included.
  • Five colors and 30 lights per light string.
  • Makes eight colorful fairy mason jar lights.
  • Lights 8 – 12 hours when fully charged.


  • Mason jars are not included.
  • Lids may rust quickly in certain conditions.

Best Mason Jar Color-Changing Lights

Best Slow Changing: Afirst Color-Changing Mercury Glass Lantern Lights

Hanging Solar Lantern Lights Outdoor 2 Pack,20 LED...
  • 【HANGING SOLAR LIGHTS 2 PACK】- The Solar Mason Jar Lights are stylish and distinctive, crafted...
  • 【20 LED FAIRY LIGHTS RGB COLOR CHANGING 】- Solar lantern outdoor has magnificent copper wire...

For gorgeous, mesmerizing effects with an old-fashioned charm, this color-changing light set is perfect. 

The included glass jars have a bronze mercury finish and a special silver coating with speckles to allow the light show to filter through. 

Every few seconds, the lights will change color, cycling from red to green to white before repeating the pattern. 

Although 5 – 8 hours of direct sunlight is recommended for complete charging, some users have found that these light jars charge fully even when kept in indirect sunlight.


  • Rustic rope handles included.
  • Colors slowly rotate from red to green to soft white.
  • Features drainage hole to allow any moisture to escape.


  • Small size – jars are less than 6 inches tall.
  • If not fully charged, the colors may not change properly.

Best Rapid Changing: CHBKT Flickering Color-Changing Lights  

4-Pack Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights (Mason Jar &...
  • Creative Design: This solar hanging jar with metal carrying ring is made of premium thick glass....
  • Specifications:Standard-size Mason jar with regular mouth, 2 3⁄8 in(60 mm) inner and 2 3⁄4 in(70...

With this complete flickering mason jar light kit, you will receive four dazzling decorations to light up and compliment any area indoors or outside. 

Each light strand consists of 20 LED lights that, when charged fully, provide a bright, flashy show as the colors alternate randomly in red, blue, yellow, green, and purple. 

Jars, solar panel lids, rechargeable batteries, light strings, and metal hangers are all included, and setup is a breeze.


  • Great customer service. 
  • Fast-paced light show with five colors.
  • Packaged securely to prevent breakage during shipping.


  • Color flickering may be too rapid for some people.
  • May take on water during heavy rain and need to be sealed.

Best Solar Lights for DIY Mason Jar Lights 

Solpex Garden Stake Solar Lights

SOLPEX 16 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway,Solar...
  • 【SOLAR OUTDOOR LIGHTS】Our solar-powered landscape lights no need to be concerned about...
  • 【DURABILITY】For long-term reliability, solar pathway lights are comprised of corrosion-resistant...

Sometimes buying something only to take it apart is totally worth it. That is the case with these little garden pathway lights. 

This large pack enables you to make up to 16 of your own home-crafted mason jar lights at just a bit over a dollar a piece. 


  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Enough to create 16 lovely, unique jar lights.
  • Comes on and shuts off automatically.


  • Not very bright.

To make DIY mason jar lights, you will remove the solar panel and LED light portion from these lights and attach them to your mason jars. 

Decorating options include:

  • Coating the the inside with colorful glitter (see below).
  • Applying a glaze coating to the exterior.
  • Filling the jars with berry sprigs, shells, dried flowers, etc.
  • Adding decals.
  • Lightly spray painting with a soft color.
  • Using holiday-themed confetti in place of glitter.

The following short clip shows you how to make them in just a few steps. Easy-peasy!

Related Questions:

Do Solar Lights Need Sun or Just Light? 

Sunlight is the most efficient and fastest way to charge solar lights, but it is not the only option.

Artificial lights, such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights, and even LEDs, can be used to charge solar-powered items, though it will take longer. 

The higher the wattage, the faster charging will occur.

How Long Do Solar Mason Jar Lights Stay On? 

When left in direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours to charge completely, most solar mason jar lights will burn brightly for at least 6 hours. 

Some will continue to display the same brightness for 8 full hours, but many will gradually start to dim after 6 hours of steady light.

How Do You Make Glitter Mason Jar Solar Lights?

Beginning with a clean mason jar, spray the inside with spray adhesive, add glitter, replace the lid, and shake. 

Remove the top portion of a solar garden stake light, and affix it to the ring portion of the jar lid using either epoxy or double-sided tape. Screw it in place and voilà!


All of the options spotlighted above are ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere in your outdoor space, but for the most bang for your buck, go for the ANGMLN Fairy Lights

  • Quality is comparable to pricier options. 
  • Total of 10 light kits with 30 lights each. 
  • Hangers and solar lids included. 
  • Auto on/off feature.
  • Fun fairy inserts.
  • Enchanting, whimsical lighting at an affordable price.

It doesn’t get much better than that.